The Medeiros Family

I grew up in a single parent home with my mother there on the island Oahu. And for the most part, I had a pretty normal childhood. I enjoyed going to school, playing video games, and going to the beach. I had a pretty average life. But one important thing for me and my family was going church. My family was raised Catholic, so church and God were very important all throughout my childhood. Because of this I went to mass, catechism, and made confessions, etc. From all of this, I understood that as long as I was a good person, I could go to heaven.

Of course, that wasn’t according to the Bible. I didn’t find that out until I started attending Ko’olau Baptist Church and Academy. For the first time in my life, I was encouraged to own my own Bible, read my own Bible, and memorize God’s Word. By hearing God’s word, I began to think about my eternal destination.

Through the preaching of God’s Word, I began to understand that if I did not put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross, then I would be destined to spend eternity hell and not in heaven. Even though I knew this, I was always too afraid to go forward. Thankfully, after one of our youth services, my youth pastor came up to me and asked if I would like to know for sure that I would be going to heaven, and of course I did. The next day in school, November of 2003, I accepted Christ as my Savior. After attending my freshman year at West Coast Baptist College, I slowly realized what God could do with my life.

My wife, Sarah, grew up in a typical Christian home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She had the privilege of attending good churches and Christian schools her whole life. After she was saved at the age of 10, she knew God had something special planned for her life. She started attending West Coast Baptist College in the fall of 2008 where God started to prepare her for life in the ministry.

We met through a mutual friend in the spring of 2009, and were able learn and mature spiritually together. I was privileged to start working at my home church in Hawaii during the summers. We were eventually married in the summer of 2012, and started working on staff at Ko’olau Baptist Church and Academy. For the past five years we have been heavily involved in the Christian school, children’s program, church media, and outreach. We have been blessed to have so many opportunities to teach and minister to many here in Hawaii. During our time on Oahu, we have been blessed with our daughter, Anna, who was born in May of 2015.  Our son, James, was born April of 2018.

For the past decade, God has been working on my heart to plant a new church here on the Island of Oahu. After much prayer and counsel, we feel that it is time to now follow this path God has for our lives. Our island has so many people still in need of the Gospel, and we are excited about being a part of what God is accomplishing here on Oahu.

Because of Christ,

Travis and Sarah Medeiros



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Personal References

Skip Woodfin

Senior Pastor

Ko’olau Baptist Church

T 808 233 2900


Kurt Skelly

Senior Pastor

Faith Baptist Church

T 540 786 4953


Dr. Paul Chappell

Senior Pastor

Lancaster Baptist Church

T 661 946 4463


John Goetsch

Vice President

West Coast Baptist College

T 888 694 9222