Being the most isolated population center in the world and famous for its mountains, beaches, and breathtaking scenery, its mild climate and diverse cultures, Hawaii is truly an amazing state. But for all it’s natural beauty, there is still an emptiness that only can be explained by the lack of joy in the lives of its residents.

The Hawaiian Islands are in desperate need of the Gospel…

Spiritual Needs

Even though Hawaii is a beautiful place to live and work, the islands are broken, filled with people seeking their identity and fulfillment in everything except the God who created them. Out of the over 1.4 million people living here, only 2% identify themselves as being Independent Baptists. Clearly, there is a tremendous need for Gospel preaching churches to be planted in the many neighborhoods of the islands.



No Religious Affiliation


Catholic & Protestant


Eastern Religions


Independent Baptist

Population and Density

The Islands of Hawaii now boast a population of 1.4 million people and continue to grow each year. In just the last 14 years, the island of O‘ahu has grown by over 117,000 residents.  With a land area of 597 sq mi, this makes the population density of the island of Oahu 1,661 people per sq mi.

The price for an average single family home in Hawaii is currently $730,000. The average apartment / condo starts at $366,000. Because of the extreme housing costs, most families in Hawaii end up sharing one house with second and sometimes even third generation family members. The majority of people in Hawaii spend 40% – 50% of their paycheck solely on housing.

In the past, Hawaii has seen thousands of people immigrate to the islands from all over the globe.  Because of this, many of the different cultures mixed and created a unique and distinct culture.  With less than 50% of the population being Caucasian, Hawaii is a majority-minority state.  This makes the islands today rich in local flavor and traditions. Each island has its own distinct characteristics:

The Islands