The Plan

Discover the plan to start a church on the island of Oahu. See how this can be done and pray that God will direct our steps through it all.

The 7 Stage Plan

We are so excited to see how God is going to bring everything together for this new work on Oahu. Although God is ultimately in control, we know that He has given us a responsibility to do our best and work our hardest. In this endeavor, We have been trying to plan for the future in a systematic way in order to glorify God. You are welcome to look below to see a tentative schedule of how we plan for this new church plant to grow. We have also included a link to a more detailed list using Trello, a task management software. Please use this plan to better pray for us, and pray that, although we have our own goals, God will guide our steps to accomplish His perfect will.


Trello is a useful collaboration tool that our family uses to keep our tasks in order. It helps us by using color coding and check marks to organize new, partially completed, and finished responsibilities. Click “The Detials” image and take a look at the more detailed list.

Let Us Know

Nobody is perfect. There are so many details and aspects of starting a church. Please let us know if there is something we haven’t thought of or if something has helped you in the past while starting a church. We appreciate your input, and look forward to any suggestions you might have.

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